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Flywheel trainers are used by elite athletes and trainers and normally cost thousands.
Space Gym is a low cost high performance flywheel trainer.
Designed to be safe and easy to use.

Club community

Getting the most out of you Spacegym training can feel challenging at first. The Spacegym community is here to help you. We regularly record new exercises with experienced gym professionals and offer you a place to share your thoughts, experience and questions with fellow club members. Currently this platform is still under development, sign up now an we will inform you once we are ready to launch your workout to space! 

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Developed for Space optimised for you!

Flywheel training is the most used training method in space. Due to the lack of gravity, traditional weighted systems are not viable, instead astronauts have been using flywheel trainers in space since the 80s, hence the name SpaceGym. The proven success and high demand for affordable flywheel trainers is what inspired us to make these high-performance machines available to the general public.

Different weights and accessories

We are developing a series of accessories like extra discs to offer you the best possible trainings experience and even more exercises to launch your training to the next level.

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