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Spacegym Exercises

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Getting the most out of you Spacegym training can feel challenging at first. The Spacegym community is here to help you. We regularly record new exercises with experienced gym professionals and offer you a place to share your thoughts, experience and questions with fellow club members. Currently this platform is still under development, sign up now an we will inform you once we are ready to launch your workout to space! 

01. Single Arm Lateral Side Raise

02. Single Arm Press

03. MilitaryPress

04. Push Press

05. Front Squat

06. Front Grip

07. Dead lift to high pull

08. Core Twist

09. Dead Lift Core Twist

10a. Dead Lift

10b. Hilde Kettlebelt Swing

10c. Elias Swing

11. Single-Arm Triceps Extension

12. Side Crunch

13. Standing Triceps Extension

14. Straight Arm Lift

15. Romanian Dead Lift

15b. Romanian Dead Lift Variation

16. Regular Biceps Curl with Bar

17a. Overhead Triceps Extension I

17b. Overhead Triceps Extension II

18. Single Leg RDL

19. Single Arm Biceps Curl

20. Triceps Extension

21. Bent-over Row

22. Single-Arm Row

23. Wall Mount-Single-Arm Row

24. Wall Mount-Rotator Cuff

25. Wall Mount-Triceps Overhead Pull

26a. Wall Mount-Standing Row I

27. Wall Mount-Single-Arm Kneeling Row

28. Wall Mount-Rotator Cuff External

29. Wall Mount-Triceps Kickback

30. Wall Mount-Shoulder Cable Front Raise

31. Wall Mount-Two Handed Biceps Curl

32. Wall Mount-Front Bicep Curl

33. Wall Mount-Seated Row